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Máy tính casio online – Casio fx-570vn plus và fx-580vn online trên web (hỗ trợ Android, ios)

Casio là một dòng máy tính phổ thông được đông đảo học sinh sử dụng trong học tập và thi cử đây cũng là dòng máy tính cầm tay quốc dân được sử dụng trong công việc cũng như học tập tuy nhiên nếu bạn quên hay chưa có máy tính thì phần mềm giả lập máy tính casio online phiên bản fx-570vn plus và fx-580vn này sẽ là một “cứu cánh” tuyệt vời cho […]

Best pre-built gaming pc 2021 under $1000

This season at home gaming is a great choice, but how to choose a medium-sized, good-quality game? This article will answer you. This article will share a model of pre built a 2021 gaming pc under $ 1000. Top 6 best built gaming pc 2021 under $1000 One of the best gaming computers currently under 1000 will be summarized below. CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC About this item ✔ Intel Core i5-9400F 6-core 2.9GHz […]

Squishdot Security

Squishdot provides varying degrees of access to view, most, moderate and manage sites. It uses Zope’s security model to do this, and you should be familiar with this before reading further. The following table summarises the permissions required to perform certain tasks for Squishdot 0.4.1 and above: Task Permissions Required View and Search a Squishdot Site Access contents informationView(Query TinyTable Data, if your Squishdot Site uses a Fancy demo) Post Articles and Replies to a Squishdot Site All […]

Small Spam Vulnerability in Squishdot

Garikoitz Araolaza reported some problems he was having with his Squishdot sites being used to send spam. This article contains a fix… The basic problem is one of Squishdot’s mail_html templating being used to generate the stream sent to the SMTP server. As a result, that stream contained data supplied in the posting that wasn’t being adequately cleansed. The file attached to this article solves this problem and should be used to replace the distributed […]

Installation Instructions

If you can read this through your browser, then this means that you have already completed more than 90 percent of the installation tasks. Squishdot would have come up with a default configuration along with a set of topic subjects, images and articles. This article focuses on the minimum set of tasks to clean up the default configuration and prepare the site for initial use. This article was originally written as part of the list […]